This is a daily practice of awareness, self-reflection, asking questions and willing to take full ownership of what we’re creating.  It’s not easy, but it is worth it because we are worth it! 


We often hear the term empath equated with terms like protection, survival or even being a victim.  This is the disempowered empath!  We don't often hear about the empowered empath who intuitive, bright, strong, powerful and confident.  My purpose is to help all empaths step into their empowerment and even be able to release  the tools that are all about protection.
(although tools can be a great place to start!)

Here are the differences between an Empowered Empath and a Disempowered Empath

·       Takes on the emotions, energies, responsibilities and burdens from others.
·       Has an imbalance with giving and receiving (too much giving).
·       Feels drained, heavy or even physical ill after too much people interaction (Peopling).
·       Does not realize the full potential of their light, their power and their strength.
·       Feels stuck and often a victim to outside circumstances. 
·       Often hopes of changing can feel overwhelming.
·       Is often in protection mode versus standing in their power mode.

·       Knows that self-care and keeping one’s “cup full” is number one priority
·       Has a balance of giving and receiving in all relationships
·       Does not do things out of obligation, being guilted or manipulated
·       Stands strong in following inner truth and takes action accordingly
·       Feels light, bright, confident and strong
·       Is focused on creating a life desired.  Is able to manifest with greater ease.
·       Knows that when the self is fulfilled with self-love, the capacity to help others is significantly magnified
·       Feels powerful in themselves to create change within and without.

If you are feeling more disempowered, than empowered you are doing yourself and others a disservice as you're not fully able to step into who you really are!  You're too busy pleasing others to know what you really want and to show up as the true, authentic version of you!  When your cup is full, you can be greater service to the world!  

Beginning in May, I will be offering a 4 week series entitled:  Empowerment for the Emerging Empath.  More details to come!!!  Mark your calendars for Tuesday evenings starting May 1st!

I hope life is going wonderful and you are feeling empowered!!
Much love, Jen

BEing the TRUE You!

Jen Cunnings of My Heart Reiki in Richardson, TX chats about Spring Equinox changes and detoxing at all levels including body, mind, emotions, home, office and car.  Her article about BEing the TRUE You follows below the video.  

I often notice energy themes that are present in my sessions that come up to be addressed or resolved. For instance, a theme could be many people experiencing an issue such as feeling stuck in their jobs or relationships.  The theme that has been showing up for several years and is amplified right now is about becoming and allowing your true, authentic, powerful self to emerge.  This is the version of you that you may call your higher self, or spirit self.  It’s the part of you that is full of infinite wisdom and love and knows itself as eternal.  It is everything your thinking mind, or your ego mind is not. 

Our ego has been designed to perceive this world through a very limited lens, primarily one of fear and feeling separation from our higher self, source energy (God) and others.  Our true self which exists in oneness knows no limitation or separation. True you vibrates in love and therefore, you vibrate and exist in only love, but we all forgot that this is true and often are very far from being in love with ourselves! What I do to open up this part of me, is connect inward everyday to get a taste of that love and bliss that is always available for me.  This isn’t a mental connection, it is a connection through BEing and existing in the present moment. 

So back to expressing the power of you theme.  We are in a space where we are being called to stepp into our true selves in a bigger and more authentic way.  All that stuff that we hold within us that is of fear, lack, unworthiness, limitation, powerlessness is coming up to be resolved, so we can hold more of our true light.  This is a frequency thing were these lower vibrational emotions hold us down, but as we love and release them, our higher vibrational self can emerge.  

I was talking with a good friend about this today and of course she has been experiencing some of this too! See, the theme is loud as it presents itself!  We were discussing how scary it is to show our whole self to others.  The light and the dark parts!  Often, we hide the parts of ourselves that we judge as bad or wrong, and only show our “good” face to the world.  The face that we want people to see and the face that we think will get approval and love.  At the end of the day, we are all just seeking love and we think that if don’t act or be a certain way, we won’t get it, which is the scariest thing in the world!  So, we judge and hide the version of us that won’t rock the boat or potentially piss someone off.  We can be so afraid of what people think about us, that we often will bend who we are to please them.

When you’re only showing the world one part of you that you think they want to see or hear, you’re actually not bringing in the people or experiences that are a match for you, because you’re hiding the whole of you.  Energy attracts like energy and people attract like people, so if you’re holding back on being YOU as the whole true you, you’re missing out on some really good stuff!  Relationships that are a close match and experiences that are more in resonance with what your really want.

I had another experience lately where I was meditating with some friends in a Native American nature reserve and we were playing crystal bowls and drums while shifting some energy.  We began our practice while no one was around even though we knew there were other people in the park. After while, we were really flowing with energy and here I am, beating this drum!  (I’ve always had some aversion to drums, so I was doing it to get over it!)  So of course, some people walked towards us and I opened my eyes hearing the crunch of their footsteps.  I immediately get embarrassed and wondered what they were thinking.  Another part of me asked myself, “who cares?”, but a deeper part of me said, “I do”.  What if they judge me and think terrible thoughts about me?  Who’s that white girl banging on a drum like she’s a native American? Who does she think she is letting her freak flag fly? She doesn’t even like drums anyway! (Although I really was getting into it!)

I then got a message from my higher self, saying that I would be putting myself out there in much more bigger ways than this.  If I am to show up as the bright, shiny true version of me, I would have to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable (at first).  Sooooo, I’ve been feeling into other ways I’ve been holding myself back and I have a feeling more of me will be coming out to play soon! 

So!!!  Are you ready to fly your freak flag so you get to be more of you?  In doing so, more of your gifts get to surface and you get the shine the brightest!  What is holding you back?  Let’s do this! 

Jen Cunnings is located in Richardson,  TX and her office practice is called My Heart Reiki.  Jen does in-office healing and coaching sessions as well as Zoom/phone sessions.  She serves the empath community in awakening to their power and purpose!



Over the past 3 weeks, or really years now! (LOL) We've been opening up to new experiences of ourselves, our true selves or what you could call our divine selves. In order to set ourselves up to do this, we've been gradually purging out old beliefs, programs and lower vibrational emotions to support this transition.

You may have been feeling this as emotional highs and lows or even random physical sensations. We're basically being shown everywhere in our lives where we're not in alignment with our true nature of love. You may have no idea what I'm talking about here or for some of you, this is old news!
So why am I writing about this here and now!? Well first off, it's because I don't think I've been sharing enough about my own journey over the past few years which has been AMAZING and plan to share more soon! Secondly, the window of energetic opportunity to shift has been getting stronger and stronger and if you have been resisting change, you will start to feel more and more uncomfortable. That what we resist persists as they say! Thirdly, I have some tools in my tool box to help you with being in allowing versus resisting!
Fears will get stronger as well as self-judgments and feelings of guilt, anger, shame and regret. So when emotions like this surface, our job is to invite them to be felt. To make a play date with our emotions and go swimming in them so they no longer come from a place of resistance and instead a place of allowance where they can be freed and released. This creates room so we can step into our truer, lighter and divine self. THIS IS THE TIME FOLKS!!
If you need some support with this, I am offering a class to help you do this self-focus work. To give you the tools to navigate through these choppy unchartered waters so we can be able to embrace our light, our divine self in the most full way possible! This leads to expressing our purpose and stepping on our true path!
If this calls to you at all, check out the upcoming event that can be joined online or in-person. I promise, this is a guaranteed game changer!!  MORE INFO HERE or BELOW!
Much love to you all!!😘


You can join this class in-person OR online!  RSVP and you'll be sent the online details.  You can join this class in-person OR online!  RSVP and you'll be sent the online details.  RSVP NOW!! 

  • Are you seeking a way to connect to your highest, truest self in a way that is easy, practical and powerful?
  • Are you ready to elevate your spiritual/meditation practice to the next level and learn an energy healing modality that is setup for your accelerated personal development?
  • This is a course in self-mastery enabling to you to tap into the pure divine consciousness within you/that is you to support you getting in touch with your purpose, your truth and the loving peace that resides within you. 

The class will be held ON-LINE or IN-PERSON in Richardson, TX on May 30th, June 6th and June 13th.

Please indicate in notes if you prefer in person or online.  A manual will be emailed upon registration.